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"I'm pretty sure I've told you this before, but..again...I love you!. You are our hero, you know!!  So many things you've helped
us get through in this economy..making it fun, even.  Thanks so much for everything you do, everyday, to make our lives a little
- Dee, Raleigh, NC, February 1, 2013

"Faye, I just wanted to thank you for all your coupon tips.  I went to a class last March and was able to save almost $3,000 off
grocery and drug store purchases thanks to your help in 2012.  Thanks so much!"
-Kathy P., Raleigh, NC,  January 31, 2013

"Thanks again and thanks for all the work you do on your blog.  You have helped a lot of people save money.  I recommend
your blog to everyone who is interested in couponing, even if they are not from the Raleigh area."
-Beth, Raleigh, NC,  January 16, 2013

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class; thank you for an informative and entertaining lesson on how to save
money with coupons."
-Lavon, Garner, NC, October 10, 2012

"I really enjoyed being at your class last night at the Crescent Bank in Knightdale.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge of
couponing with me. I now have some clarity on the double and triple coupons at Harris Teeter and other tips you shared.  I
really want to tell you how you impressed me with not only your knowledge and passion in what you do, but the strength and
hard work you are putting into your business.  I am into watching Oprah’s Life Class and she is teaching us to dream big  and
search in you for that purpose you have in the world.  I am sure you didn’t think your passion for couponing would turn into
something big for you, but you did and it seems to me you are very much successful in doing it.  So I wanted to thank you for
not only sharing your passion but showing me that you can follow your passions and turn it into something meaningful in your
life.  I operate a small cake decorating business from my home (very small) but seeing you last night gave me the initiative to
work harder and go with my passion and be great at it.  Thank you.
-DahRah, Raleigh, NC, October 28, 2011

"You are the BEST!  Thanks for making my life better with your savings info.  The first thing I do every morning is check
WRAL to see your blog.  I attended your class in Wilson a couple of years ago."
-Esther, Wilson, NC, September 13, 2011

"Thanks so much for your informative presentation.  I thought I was knowledgeable in the couponing arena and was very
pleased to learn some additional ways to save money.  It was great to go to Harris Teeter with my Food Lion & Lowes money
off the total bill and get an extra $15 off!   Thanks again for looking out for those in transition."
-Judith B., Cary, NC, August 19, 2011

"I was in your Saturday class at WRAL.  It was amazingly helpful!  I've been couponing for years, but now I realize I was only
scratching the surface.  Thanks for all the good info.  I've got my binder set up, scissors in hand, I'm armed and dangerous!  
Now.....I want my daughter to attend."
-Judy M., Raleigh, NC, August 9, 2011

I recently took your 'Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half' class at Wake Tech in Cary (6/25) and although I want to say thank you, I
don't know if that's really enough. I was amazed at how much I didn't know about how the whole 'coupon world' inside the
stores really worked, although I'm a regular coupon clipper and always looking for the best deal. Your information, ideas, and
presentation we very easy to follow and I continue to re-read all of the notes I took from your class, as well as the handout and
your website(s) whenever possible.  I've even got my husband involved in searching deals and looking over coupons much-like
he did before, but we get better deals now as we remain a 'money-saving team.' Oh yeah, I've told my friends &  too!  I just
wanted to let you know that your willingness to share not only your knowledge of couponing and saving money, but how anyone
can do it, is a real blessing to my family and I! I plan on sharing your business cards and class information with anyone and
everyone who is willing to listen. Thank you again!  With tons of gratitude."
-Carrie, Cary, NC, June 30, 2011

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for providing a very informative and enjoyable workshop last night.  I
learned a ton more than I was expecting to and the workshop completely kept my attention the entire time.  You
are great teacher! My girlfriend even laughed at me a little bit after the workshop because I told her I will most likely switch to
the binder method of organizing after being so adamant about my accordion file! I also have a much better understanding of
the Drug store "bucks" and "rewards" as opposed to just doing the Rite aid Rebates.  Thank you again Faye!"
-Jamie Madore, Raleigh, NC,  July 21, 2010

"Good Afternoon Faye,  I just wanted to follow up with you and tell you what a wonderful workshop that you had for us on
Saturday!  Everyone really enjoyed it and I think Kelly and I are going to start having a once a month fellowship with the other
ladies in the church to swap coupons, etc.  I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did and how much we all enjoyed
it and you have inspired us to really save, save, save!!!!  Thanks again!!!"
-Lou Ann Vasquez, Sanford, NC. June 14, 2010

"A BIG thank you for saving a young-couple’s savings account. My husband and I took your coupon class a few months ago
and I have saved us SOOO much money. We are eating better and saving money. It has been a blessing. I just wanted to
personally thank you! I have also got a few of my co-workers to take your class and we talk coupons/ads all day at work. So it
is great to have support all around. I also enjoy reading your blogs all the time, esp. Friday Freebies! Thanks again! You are
the best! Keep us saving money!!!"
-Vanessa Coley, Holly Springs, NC, June 10, 2010

"I wanted to say thank you for the life changing class that I attended last weekend at WRAL.   I cannot believe how much money
I have been throwing out the window by not using coupons and playing the game.  I took a quick trip out tonight for a few
items and ended up saving 45% on my final bill.  All I can say is WOW.  One other cool thing that happened while I was out
shopping, three different people stopped to ask me about how the coupons I had were arranged in my binder.  I think I spent
more time explaining what I had learned than I did shopping. Once again, thank you for such a great class and I can’t wait to
see how much money I can save in the coming months!!! Just to add, I've saved $50 in the last two days thanks to you!"
-Chirs J., Raleigh, NC, April 15, 2010

"SEVERAL THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!  Did that get your attention?  That’s what I saved last year on my grocery bills just using
the lessons that I learned at one of your workshops in October of 2008 and reading your book.  I honestly save AT LEAST 50%
on my grocery bill and often even more.  I don’t know if you remember me or not but I attended your workshop at a church in
Wilson, NC.  Before I left the workshop, I purchased your book, coupon organizer inserts and coupon insert pages. This small
investment has saved me thousands on my grocery bill.  With the down economy and slow work, the money that I have saved on
my grocery bills has been used to pay other bills.  It has really helped make ends meet. Thank You Again!!!"
-Gwen P., Rocky Mount, NC, February 23, 2010

"My husband and I took your class at Vance Granville in March.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and have been saving tons of
money.  The first month I bought $584.00 worth of stuff for $211.00.  It was fun and easy.  It also didn't take as much time as I
thought it would.  After organizing my notebook, it has been a breeze.  My husband has even gotten into it.  He is my coupon
cutter on Sundays. Thanks for all you do.  I check your WRAL weblink everyday."
-Kim C., Oxford, NC, April 16, 2010

"Went to Lowes food today for triples with your e-mail (deals sent by e-mail from my WRAL blog).I purchased $72.00 worth of
groceries,paid $19.34 and received $15.00 in Fresh Rewards.Wow! So thats $4.34.Thanks for the class on the 20th.    Thankful
to you.
-Mark O., Raleigh, NC, April 25, 2010

"I took your class a few weeks ago and LOVED it!  I went to Harris Teeter this past week for Triples and only spent about $35
and saved close to $200!  AMAZING!!"
-Amanda B., Raleigh, NC, April 1, 2010

"I just wanted to thank you for all I have learned from you.  I just got back from round 1 at HT.  I got $98.36 worth of stuff for
$19.55!  I got so much stuff for free and less than 25 cents that I almost felt guilty."
-Karen H., Raleigh, NC. March 24, 2010

"I took your class a year or so ago and have been saving crazy money ever since."
-Loretta T., Raleigh, NC, February 4, 2010

"I took your class several years ago. Thanks a ton for everything you have taught me.  You sent me to the next level of
couponing and I have never looked back!"
-Kimberly S., Cary, NC, January 31, 2010

"I was at your workshop yesterday in Huntersville. It was great motivation for me to get back in the game. I have got to do
something to get us back on a financial plan and get out of debt forever! I brought friends with me and together we are going
to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!   Thank you again for a motivating and inspirational afternoon."
-Teri Haines, Huntersville, NC, January 10, 2010

"I attended your workshop at GSK several weeks ago and wanted to share with you that I have implemented many of the tools.  
I am very pleased to report that on my first shopping trip after your class I purchased $118 worth of groceries for $59 at Lowes
grocery!  I stacked my coupons on their specials which also included double coupons.   Grocery shopping is usually a chore for
me especially with my 3 year old son in tow.  Your advice about not bringing kids along was excellent.  I was surprised to find
that I really enjoyed the shopping trip - it was a challenge and game to see how much good quality food I could buy for the
least amount of money!  Thank you very much for sharing your insights and tools with us."
-Liz B., Raleigh, NC, December 2, 2009

"I’ve had EXCELLENT reviews so far from your seminar.  The regional employees felt very special and thought you were
fantastic! Thanks for all you’ve done for us!"
-Stacey H., SAS, Cary, NC

“I REALLY enjoyed the DVD.  I have never been brand specific or even have to buy brand name.  I am so surprised at how
many name brand and healthy products are in my home that were either FREE or at minimal cost.  This really works and does
not take a great deal of time.  It's addicting and a challenge - just how much money can I save!! I know you hear tons of
savings stories all the time.  Please know how much I greatly appreciate what you have taught me.  I'm spreading the word
about saving with coupons with my co-workers.  In the process of helping one setup her binder.  So much fun!!   Thank you so
much Faye for helping me save so much money for my family!”
-Anna Slifer, Knightdale, NC, August 2009

“About 2 weeks ago, I received the materials I ordered from you (the video, your book, and the binder inserts).  I printed the
handout and watched your video - and couldn't wait for the Sunday paper to arrive.   I rushed out and bought a binder at
Staples (using a $5 off coupon) and started sorting and filing the coupons I had on hand.  The very first week, I saved about
25% on my grocery shopping.  But the biggest victory was this:  I was able to combine a store coupon and a manufacturer's
coupon for my Finish Dishwashing detergent - with a total savings of 90% on that item.”
-Judy H., Petersburg, IL, August 22, 2009

“Thank you for all your help. The dvd is great! This week I got 10 dial soft soaps for .34c which was the tax!”
-Lovey A., Parma, OH, 2009

“Hi Faye!  I took your class a few months ago because a friend talked me into it.  I always thought I was a pretty savvy
shopper but I learned quite a few things in class.  This weekend I went to Walgreens, Lowes, Kroger and Harris Teeter.  I got
$170 of products for $55!  I'm loving this new way of shopping!”
-Kathy Lundy, Raleigh, NC, June 28, 2009

“I recently went to one of the workshops at the Cleveland Center in Johnston County, and absolutely loved the info that you
shared.  I have really started to bring down my grocery store receipts, and have been scouring the papers and magazines for
coupons.  I admire what you have done and found the workshop to be very affordable and certainly worth every penny!  I saved
that much on my first trip to Lowe's (Foods) after the workshop.”
-Susan W., Nash County, NC, June 23, 2009

"I attended your class last Thursday night at the Cleveland Center for JCC and thoroughly enjoyed it."
Kim J., Raleigh, NC June 13, 2009

"I love seeing you share your story and information via television, print, internet, and live classes with everyone! I just counted
this morning and since I took my first couponing class with you, I have "recruited" 27 other people to the couponing way of
life.....Thank you for touching my life and many of my friends, relatives, church friends and work acquaintances....financially,
many of these folks would not be making it now without the tips they learned from you.....and many are eating better and
sharing their good deals with have blessed so many!"
-Carol, Raleigh, NC  May 24, 2009

"Lou Ellen here from PWBC church.  I am so loving you right now.  You have saved us money and I have had fun doing it."
-Lou Ellen S., Raleigh, NC   May 9, 2009

"I recently attended one of your workshops.  I loved it.  I now have my coupons all organized.  I am ready to go shopping."
-Carolyn B., Raleigh, NC   May 5, 2009

"I don't know if you remember me or not but I was in the February 26 class at JCC.  I really enjoyed your class and have been
telling everyone I know about you!  Also, my husband was so excited because just in last weekend's shopping I've saved over
$80.00.  My grocery bill for last month was $749 (I know too much! But we hardly ever ate out and we prepared all our meals
and snacks) and this month, I have everything I need for less than $300.00!  It is so fabulous!! I thank God for you - giving
us the tools we need to help us!"
-Audra L., Raleigh, NC   May 4, 2009

"Just a few words to "Thank You" for all the help your book has given me in saving money, especially in the area of groceries. I
ordered your book in Aug. 08' and have read it over and over and it has paid off!   I have to tell you that I am a mom of 3
growing boys (10,14 and 18) and your concepts have helped me keep them well fed. I also ordered your coupon inserts and
have a notebook that goes with me all the time.  I have passed my copy of your book onto other friends and have encouraged
them to try it. I received an email from my closest friend last week in S.C. and she was so excited. She read your book, clipped
her coupons and went shopping and saved around $60.00.  Your information is invaluable and I appreciate all the insight and
information you provide, especially in these days of economic stress! It actually makes grocery shopping fun!!!"
-Trina C. Williams, Rocky Mount, NC   February 5, 2009

"I just wanted to say a big Thank You!  Your class taught me so much, and I am figuring out more and more each day.  Being
married to a state employee, December and January are lean months for us.  See my husband gets paid on the 15th of
December and not again until the last day of January.  The past couple of years were really hard.  This year has been very
different.  With your class I was able to get stocked up in November and the first of December, to where we did not have to
worry as much.  We are just now getting to the point where we are running low on supplies. Thank you so much!  My hope is
that by this time next year, we will be able to breeze through December and January and not even blink an eye."
-Merle Corbin, Raleigh, NC  January 2009

"I'm very thankful that we found your workshop for many reasons.   Immediately, we saw the proof that Smart Spending System
works.  In the longer term, this system will help us eat and live better, stick to our family budget, and become debt free.  My
kids are enjoying learning about smart spending, saving, and giving.  Thanks to Smart Spending, we no longer have any
immediate need.  Your information has been invaluable to my family.  Smart Spending is a great way to live and teach my
children.  This is something we will continue to do!  Thank you again for everything.  I can never repay you for all that I have
learned from you but if you ever need me for anything, please let me know."       
-Gwen Patricio, Rocky Mount, NC October 14, 2008

"First let me say what an awesome experience the workshop was this past Saturday.  I made my first trip to HT (Harris Teeter -
local grocery store) on Sunday & came home so excited.  I got $79 worth of groceries & pd $37.  What a thrill!  Thank you so
-Liz Russell, Raleigh, NC November 4, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know that your class was so energizing for everyone that was there.  I have heard people talking about
it every day since then.  It has really spread like wildfire around the church.  Everyone is comparing savings all the time.  My
next goal is to set up a coupon swap sometime during the summer.  Your class is such a gold mine of information."
-Chris Aman, Archer's Lodge, NC, May 22, 2008

"Faye, WOW is all I can say!  What a great presentation with TONS of information.  You wouldn't believe how excited and
amazed all of the participants have been since your presentation.  Thank you, thank you for taking the time to talk to us."  
-Robin M. Haynes, Raleigh, NC February 19, 2008 (Robin hosted a workshop for employees at the law firm where she works)

"I attended one of the classes last year at NC State.  You have really helped put money back in my wallet, that really in turn, I
was able to give to other charities.  Thanks so much for all that you do."
-Deborah Lanuti, Raleigh, NC January 5, 2008

"I also just want to tell you how helpful this has been for me.  I have only been doing this for about 2 months now and have
saved about $500.00.  My husband has been so excited when I come home with $100 saving and spent only $15.  So THANK
YOU from the bottom of my heart."
-April Florence  12-28-2007, NC

"I remember meeting you at the strawberry festival and was hooked on couponing ever since.  Couponing is now a way of life
for my family (children included).  We have turned an 8 year debt free plan into a 3 year plan with couponing and living
-Kristina Harrell, NC  December 26, 2007

Esteban attended a Smart Spending workshop on December 1, 2007. Here is what he had to say about the class and his savings
that weekend:
"That was he best $15 I've spent in a while.  This weekend grocery shopping, I've saved $16 using coupons.
For the CVS coupon (prescription transfer coupon) you gave me, I used that to buy toiletries at CVS worth $20 -- I still have $5
in the card.  I used my doctor's discount card word $30.  Instead of paying $45 for my medicine I paid $15.
I used an Amazon coupon worth $25 at Amazon, so instead of paying $30 for the HP inkjet cartridges I paid $5.  I got that free
shipping Amazon prime ($75 yearly subscription) so its free shipping.  A total of $90 savings this weekend.  My wife and I love
you and the work you are doing!!!"
-Esteban Culiat, December 4, 2007

"I wanted to let you know that your presentation was fabulous and inspiring; I clipped, organized and saved oodles on
noodles -- as well as lots of other pantry staples!  You will be pleased to learn that I am sharing the knowledge with clients so
they too can shop smarter and save money weekly.  Great information.  Great sense of humor.  Great job!"
-Geralin Thomas, CPO-CD, owner of Metropolitan Organizing ®, Raleigh, NC October 2007

"Your workshop is amazing!  I learned even more, even with how much I was saving already.  Thanks so much for all you do to
help others start saving.  I never knew I could become passionate about coupons until now.  I even have my husband saying he
is going to read your book too."
-Chelsea V., Smithfield, NC October 2007

"I love your website! Especially the articles. You have some really great ideas that I had never thought of. Thanks again for
providing a GREAT service!!"
-Toni, September 2007

"I'm reading your book and it is WONDERFUL!  It helps reinforce everything you went over in your workshop. I'm already
thinking that copies of the book will make some nice Christmas gifts for my nieces who are just starting out on their own."
-Lorie Allen, Raleigh, NC  August 2007

"I just finished reading your book and it was great! I am a pretty savvy customer and love saving a buck, so some of what you
had in there I already knew, but there was some information I had never heard of or even thought of, and I just wanted to say
thank you!! Now I can't wait to get the coupon binder so I can get myself organized. Thanks again!"
-Linda Kuhns, Raleigh, NC  July 2007

"I have just sent out an email telling all my friends how wonderful your class was.  I am heading to Walgreens today to get a
free Airwick air freshener thanks to all your helpful advice on Saturday.  Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge on
how to save money.  You are a true blessing."
-Tammy Tant, Clayton, NC  July 2007

"You have taught me how to save money, feed my family, buy a few special extras and have extra food to take to the food bank
to feed other people.  Not only have you helped me but also the people we help to feed at the food bank.  That is something to be
so proud of. "
-Sarah O'Malley, Raleigh, NC  May 2006

"Thanks for doing what you do.  You are an encouragement to so many.  I finished your book and it was excellent.  I was so
thankful that healthy eating was a priority in the book and in your family.  I assumed that many coupons were only for
processed foods, and learned so much from the book."
-Paulette Shilling, Cary, NC  June 2006

“ I was using the old accordion kind, you know the one I am talking about...ripped, torn, and falling apart!  I could not see the
coupons easily and it was so full I could not even fit the elastic around it !  But yours is WONDERFUL !!  The coupons are
easily viewed and accessed in the clear plastic pocket pages.  And, you can use the front and back of the pages to allow for 18
different coupons. Thank you so much !!”
-Lori Hill, Sandwich, MA

" It holds much more than my previous accordion-type organizer and the coupons are very easy to see.  I also like the fact that I
can expand it further by simply adding more pages. Thanks for making such a great product!"
-Krista Huntington Station, NY

"The organizer inserts arrived today! That was fast.  Thanks for great service."
-Elizabeth P., New Bern, NC January 3, 2008

" I wanted to thank you for such a great class, the overload of info and fantastic coupons. I have been personalizing my binder
every spare minute and can't wait to use it. I have a feeling it will make the whole couponing process alot easier for me. And to
anyone that is thinking about taking the class, it is definitely worth it. Definitely worth it for the laughs, knowledge and binder
:)  So thanks again Faye!"
-Lisa Holden, Wake Forest, NC  November 2006

"I just had to write to you and say thank you! I am a stay at home mom and desperately needed to find ways to save money!! I
bought your book a month ago and have been grocery shopping on your plan ever since.  My first trip my total grocery bill was
$189, and I only paid $59.  So that was a huge improvement over my shopping with out the smart spending plan.  I have a lot
of fun shopping now as I see the bill go way down when I check out. It has become a fun game to see how much I can save.  My
family is so impressed and so are the other people in the grocery store!!  My husband actually brags to all of our neighbors
when I come home from the grocery store."
-Kim Jacobs, Sanford, NC  June 2006

"I LOVED taking your class last night in Clayton.  You are such an inspiration!  I am going to utilize coupons more than ever
and follow as many of your moves as I can.  I recently started working as an independent recruiter and don’t have the luxury of
a cushy salary like I used to – for now!  I was thrilled to attend and can’t wait to get my binder all organized, save money and
pay off DEBT!"
-Laura Yates, NC, Raleigh, NC  November 2006

"This book contains hints and guidelines for living a debt free, FUN-filled life that doesn't make you think you're sacrificing
everything fun known to mankind to live it. In fact, she helps you discover the joy of living within your means."  
-Rachael Woodard, The Coupon, Dade City, FL  December 2005

"I just got back from Harris Teeter - got $112 worth for $49!  That's just from reading your book, so I can't wait to see what I
can do after the workshop!"
-Brenda D., Willow Spring, NC  March 2007

"I took your coupon class last Oct/Nov at the Clayton Center with 2 of my friends.   Thank you so much for the information that
you have given us.  I feel so much more empowered and learn daily from this website (
smartspending yahoo group)."
-Susan Draper Clayton, NC  March 2007

"I would like to let you know that I have taken Faye Prosser’s class and absolutely loved it. She taught us how to save at least
50% or more off of our grocery bill. With the money I saved, my husband and I were able to take our three children to Walt
Disney World for 10 days!!!! I would put the difference of what the total bill was and what I actually paid in a savings account
and in a little over a year’s time, we had enough to go for 10 days! And yes, even then I used her ideas to save even more
money and still enjoy ourselves while down there. I use coupons every week and have had several stores even have to PAY ME
to buy the items I have purchased. I know her system works because thanks to her I can stay at home with my three children
(one of whom is disabled). For that, I am very grateful to her. She is a great inspiration to those of us who know her!"
-Muriel Watson, Clayton, NC  May 2006

"My name is Melissa and I took your class a couple of weeks ago at JCC.   I wanted to let you know that I have only been
couponing for three weeks and have saved $211.43.  We will be applying that savings towards the price of a freezer.  Thanks so
-Melissa, Clayton, NC  November 2006

"The Smart Spending System is great! This system has helped me cut my grocery bill by 70%!"
-Kim Parrish, Clayton, NC  2006

"I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful system!  Thanks entirely to your example, I saved a small fortune today on
my grocery bill!  You showed me that clipping coupons is a small price to pay for the savings I received. Today was my biggest
savings to date - just shy of $180 all by simply taking the time to use your system. Many thanks."
-Carole Rhodes, Charlotte, NC  2006

"Your book has even MORE tips that I didn't find anywhere else, so it's going to save me even MORE money now! I've told
everyone who will listen about your book and how much money they can be saving. You have done so much to help us and
there's no way we can possibly express our gratitude. Thank you so much."
-Pamela Key, Greenville, SC  2006

"Smart grocery shopping and frugal food preparation are dissected and analyzed with expertise. Reading her book is like
having a frugal friend at your elbow giving you sage advice!"
-Beatriz Fernandez, book reviewer, The Dollar Stretcher  2006

"I am1/2 way through the book with lots of "aha that's how she does it!!" There are creative ways to save that I never thought
of! There are lots of helpful tips in there. She tells you ways to double dip, when I thought I was being savvy single dipping!!"
-Laura K, Clayton, NC  2006

"Before I started couponing, I always felt like I was pouring money down the drain at the grocery store.  Now seeing how much
I can save is like a sport! I can't get over the fact that in one short month (I took Faye's class on Jan. 31), I am saving HUGE
DOLLARS on groceries, toiletries and household products!  I told my husband last night after getting $123.94 in groceries for
$63.52, that I felt like I have been wasting so much money for so many years! Thanks again for your willingness to share all
you've learned about couponing and smart shopping.  I finally feel like I've got control over our spending."
-Keicha Berzins, Willow Springs, NC  2006

"I can't say enough about how informational and helpful you have been. I've only been working a very limited part-time job
now for nearly 9 months and was considering looking for another full time position, but now, I probably won't have to thanks
to the money we are saving. So, thank you again!"
-Dawn C., Clayton, NC  2006

"I've been enjoying your (smartspending Yahoo) loop and learning all kinds of things.  Our (Mom's Club) members have been
raving about your presentation at our meeting and sharing tips with those who couldn't make it.  You really changed lives that
-Lisa Pearson, Fuquay-Varina, NC  2006

"You did an awesome job on the book! Thank you for sharing!"
-Julie B, Clayton, NC  2006

"Just wanted to let you know that I got my book today and am quite pleased, thanks so much for the coupons!  I have started on
the book tonight and am feeling pretty good about the financial road that we are about to head down."
-Gina Shires, Willow Springs, NC,  December 2005

"Faye's program has truly made a difference for our family.  Thanks to all the money we are now saving, we are paying off our
mortgage early and planning to go on a much needed family vacation! The $50-$65 a week I spend on groceries fits easily into
our budget without feeling a strain."
-Stacey Burns, Clayton, NC 2006

"I’ve taken Faye Prosser’s class on saving money when grocery shopping. I use her ideas for a coupon notebook and clip
coupons each week. I’ve learned the importance of looking for the sale items on things I buy/need and using double coupons in
conjunction with the sale. I’ve been able to save a lot of money through this process.  I work full-time outside the home and it
is worth my time to use the smart-spending system that I learned in Faye’s class. I would recommend this method to
anyone…unless you prefer to pay full-price for all your groceries!"
-Darlene, NC  2006

"Been couponing for 3 months now since taking Faye’s class. I used to spend approx $200 wk for my family - now I rarely
spend $50. I make my grocery list/meal plan by what is on sale or what I already have (which is a lot, since I stock up when I
find a good deal). I spend less than an hour a week clipping, organizing coupons & making my list. I figure I am paying myself
$150 an hour for this service since that is what I now save each week."
-Brenda, Clayton, NC  2006

"I want to thank Faye as well. It was SO nice to meet you and you were just as sweet in person as you seem on TV. Thanks
again for all I have learned. I think the binder system is just the most incredible way to organize coupons."
-Detra Dowling, Inman, SC,  July 2006

"Your book is truly inspiring. If I don't get at least 40% off my bill, I feel like I have cheated my self. I have cut our $250/ week
spending down to just a $100/week.  WHAT A SAVINGS!! I am working on getting that $100 down to $60-$70. I know it will
come with time."
-Tonya Richard, Duncan, SC,  July 2006

"Faye--wow!  Wanted to let you know how you successfully changed my mindset toward shopping. What's great is that I don't
have to frequently go back when things run out--I have a 6 months supply!"
-Nathan S., Durham, NC,  June 2006

"Just would like to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful information you provide about saving money. After seeing
you on our local news channel in May I began working on my couponing and stockpile. To date I'm now saving about 70% on
groceries every week."
-Barb, Greenville, SC  2006

"Thanks for all you do...we just came thru a really tough month financially, I don't know how I would have fed my family if I
hadn't been learning from you."
Marcie W., Lillington, NC  2006

"Faye changed my family’s lives last year when we were struggling to make ends meet due to my husband’s layoff."
-Sybil, Carlsbad, NM  2006

"I have a fully stocked pantry and have saved a bunch of money since reading your book and joining the yahoo group.  My
family jokes they will come to my house in the event of a natural disaster or major storm because we could eat off my supplies
for weeks."
- Kat Lewis, Garner, NC,  January 2007

"This is a wonderful no-nonsense book. It's filled with knowledge that any person can put into action."
-Jessica Lewis, Bothell, WA  2006

"I saved 50% off on my first shop! I can't tell you how excited I am!  My husband scoffed at the idea of me walking around with
this binder full of coupons when I started this adventure.  Now that he's seen the grocery receipts, he said he promises to never
make another snide remark about my thriftiness again."
-Excerpt from an article in the Cleveland Post, Garner, NC, November 3, 2005, by Jennifer Konkol.  Jennifer attended a Smart
Spending Workshop the week before writing her article.

"The Smart Spending System really helps me since I am on a fixed income."
-Barbara Penny, retired, NC  2006

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