How To Cut Your
    Grocery Bills in Half
    Workshop DVD

Have you ever wondered how some shoppers at the grocery store can
buy a whole cart full of groceries and only pay a fraction of the retail
cost?  Take a look at some of my
recent savings examples and you'll see
just what I mean.   Now you can learn the techniques that save our
family, and so many others, over 50% off our groceries and non-food
essentials each and every week.

The workshop on this DVD was filmed in January 2009 at a class held in
Cary, NC. Although the workshop was filmed in North Carolina and
includes details about area grocery stores, the techniques apply to stores
throughout the country.  The workshop includes specific information for
those of you living outside of NC who may have different stores than we
have here in NC.  

Even if your stores don't double or triple coupons, these techniques can
save you money.  Even if you have limited shopping options, these
techniques can save you money.

If you can say YES to any of the following questions, the techniques on
this DVD can save you money.

  • Do you pay more than .25 for toothpaste, deodorant, pasta or rice?
  • Do you spend more than $5 per dinner (for the entire meal - not per
    person) for a family of 4?
  • Does it seem like there are never coupons for the products you use?
  • Do you often wonder where you put the coupon for the product you
    are buying (only to get home and discover it is on the kitchen
  • Are you saving less than 50% off the retail cost of your groceries?
  • Do you wish you could figure out how to make a frugal and healthy
    meal plan (that everyone liked!)?
  • Do you want to be able to donate food, bath and beauty items to the
    homeless shelter, food bank and women's shelter for little to no cost?
  • Do you want to be the best steward of your hard earned income?

Well..... did you say YES, even once?  If so, it's time to watch this DVD.

The DVD is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and includes a 10-page printable
handout to use while watching the workshop.  You will learn about the
following money-saving techniques:

Shopping Options
Price Book
Types of Coupons
Doubling and Tripling Coupons
Coupon Sources
Coupon Organizers
Store Promotions
Frequent Shopper Programs
Weekly Sales
Store Brands
Refund and Rebate Offers
Price Scan Guarantee
Speak Your Mind
Meal Planning
Shopping Tips While At The Store
Freebies and Good Deal Sites
Putting It All Together

I hope you enjoy the workshop and go on to save thousands of dollars in
the next year!

Professional video services provided by Carolina Custom Video, Cary, NC
The workshop DVD is
now sold out. I am
working on a second
edition of The Smart
Spending Guide and it
should be available
sometime in 2014.

If you already have the
DVD, make sure you
print out the handout.
Before you watch your
workshop DVD, I
recommend that you
first print the 10-page
workshop handout
from your computer.  
The handout is in pdf
form and you will need
the free
Acrobat program to
read the file.

Instructions for printing

1. Put the DVD into the
CD drive in your

2. Find the DVD drive
listed in your computer

3. Click on the Adobe

4. Print the document.

Kind Words from
Smart Spenders

are in my home that were
either FREE or at minimal
cost.  This really works and
does not take a great deal of
time.  It's addicting and a
challenge - just how much
money can I save!! I know
you hear tons of savings
stories all the time.  Please
know how much I greatly
appreciate what you have
taught me.  I'm spreading the
word about saving with
coupons with my co-workers.  
In the process of helping one
setup her binder.  So much
fun!!   Thank you so much
Faye for helping me save so
much money for my family!”
-Anna Slifer, Knightdale,
NC, August 2009

“About 2 weeks ago, I
received the materials I
ordered from you (the video,
your book, and the binder
inserts).  I printed the
handout and watched your
video - and couldn't wait for
the Sunday paper to arrive.   I
rushed out and bought a
binder at Staples (using a $5
off coupon) and started
sorting and filing the
coupons I had on hand.  The
very first week, I saved about
25% on my grocery
shopping.  But the biggest
victory was this:  I was able to
combine a store coupon and
a manufacturer's coupon for
my Finish Dishwashing
detergent - with a total
savings of 90% on that item.”
-Judy H., Petersburg, IL,
August 22, 2009

“Thank you for all your help.
The dvd is great! This week I
got 10 dial soft soaps for .34c
which was the tax!”
-Lovey A., Parma, OH,
August, 2009

Cut Your Grocery Bills DVD
It's Your Money - Spend it Wisely!