How It All Started

My name is Faye Prosser and I live with my husband of 18 years and our two wonderful children in North Carolina.  I began developing the
Smart Spending System over 13 years ago when my husband and I had our first child.  I wanted to be a full-time stay at home mom, but once
we cut our income in half, I knew we needed to make some drastic changes in order to afford to stay home with our new baby.  

I decided to learn all that I could about frugal living, saving money on groceries and stretching our income as far as it would go.  Within six
months, using the information I had learned from various resources and through trial and error, I was saving tremendous amounts of money  
on our everyday expenses. Soon after that, I began teaching the Smart Spending System, which encompasses all the techniques that I use
to save our family thousands of dollars each year on groceries and other everyday expenses.  

I now work full time teaching couponing classes, selling couponing resources and blogging about great deals for Raleigh, NC's largest TV
station, WRAL. As the
WRAL Smart Shopper, I have the opportunity to share the weekly grocery and drug store deals as well as freebies,
frugal living articles and anything else related to saving you more of your hard-earned money!
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How Has This System Helped Our Family?

Over thirteen years after starting our frugal living adventure, I am spending significantly less than when I was shopping for just my husband
and I!  And the best part is that we have so much more to show for the little amount of money I spend!

I save between 50% - 95% off my groceries every time I shop, which has enabled us to develop quite a pantry and freezer!  Needless to say,
when we have surprise guests, I can always come up with a delicious meal to serve!  Another wonderful benefit of using these techniques is
that we have been able to donate a good deal of food and non-food items to food banks, women's shelters and individual families in need.

Because we save so much money on groceries and non-food items, we are able to put that money into getting ahead on bills and saving for
our future.  Using this system has enabled our family to remain free of any debt other than our mortgage.  We paid off our new 2002 Honda
Odyssey minivan in 1 and a half years and we are on track to pay off our house before our kids go to college.

The Smart Spending Workshops

I started teaching the Smart Spending Workshops after being stopped in the grocery store many, many times for information about how I
organized my coupons and how I was able to save so much money at the register.  I realized that there are many other people just like me
who want to make the most of their hard earned money.
 They want to be good stewards of their income and have the security that being
debt-free affords, but they just aren't sure how to get there.

I now teach the Smart Spending techniques at community colleges, parks and recreation departments, conferences, women's groups,
homeschool meetings, religious organizations, senior centers, and business groups.

The workshops last anywhere from 1 hour to 8 weeks, depending on the needs of the group and the organization at which I am teaching.

Please see the
Smart Spending Workshops section to find out more about the benefits of attending a workshop and view the current
workshop schedule.

The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Insert Set

The coupon organizer was developed because I loved the binder method, but I could not find a professionally made set of tabs with coupon
insert pages. Students in the classes didn't want to make their own so I created the coupon organizer set that fits into any 3 ring binder.  The
set comes with 24 professionally pre-printed colorful tabs and 25 high quality coupon insert pages (these are 9-pocket pages). They bring
coupon organization to the next level so you can always find those coupons when you need them! For more information on the coupon
organizer insert set,
click HERE.

The Smart Spending Guide

"The Smart Spending Guide" was published in December 2005, after enough people had suggested I put into writing the techniques I was
teaching in the classes. The book serves as a thorough introduction to couponing and basic frugal living and is ideal for anyone who is not
saving at least 40% off their grocery bills. I was thrilled when the book won an Honorable Mention in the 2006 Independent Publishers Book
Awards in the Finance category. For more information,
click HERE.
The First Edition of the book has sold out and I am contemplating a second edition.

Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half DVD

The workshop on this DVD was filmed in January 2009 at a class held in Cary, NC. Although the workshop was filmed in North Carolina and  
includes details about area grocery stores, the techniques apply to stores throughout the country.  The workshop includes specific
information for those of you living outside of NC who may have different stores than we have here in NC.  The 1 hour and 40 minute DVD
includes the main techniques I teach in the live workshops and is perfect if you can't make it to a class. For more information
click HERE.

Education and Experience

My education and experience includes a Master's Degree in Human Resources Development, over 15 years in Human Resources
Management, Training, and Consulting and over thirteen years of couponing and frugal living. With the development of the Smart Spending
System, DVD and the teaching of the workshops,  I have been able to blend my love of smart spending, couponing and frugal living with my
training and development background.  

The goal of these resources is to teach you how to make wise choices that will enable you to live comfortably within your means.  With these
resources, you will learn how to create and use a budget, save a significant amount of money on your everyday grocery, non-food, gift,
clothing, telephone, travel, prescription, utilities, and other expenses. You'll also earn money and receive free products including taking
surveys, manufacturer giveaways, and mystery shopping as well as learning to maintain your home in a generally frugal manner.

         The Smart Spending motto that I live by everyday is:

It's Your Money - Spend It Wisely!

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It's Your Money - Spend It Wisely!