The Smart
Spending Guide

The Smart Spending Guide contains
all the information you need to
significantly reduce your grocery bills
and regular everyday expenses.  Also
included is information on frugal living,
budgeting, debt reduction, taking
surveys for pay, mystery shopping
and so much more!

Book Contents


Chapter 1: Financial Reality

Credit Worthiness
Setting Financial Goals
Getting Out of Debt
Developing a Budget

Chapter 2: The Smart Spending Grocery

Where to Buy Food and Non-Food Essentials
Developing a Price Book
Coupons – The Other Currency
Coupon Organizers
Coupon Sources
Using Weekly Sale Flyers
Frequent-Shopper Programs
Buying Store Brands
Using Rebate Offers
Watching the Scanner
Reviewing the Receipt
Speaking Your Mind
Understanding Store Tactics
How Much Time Does This Really Take?
What if the Deals Are Amazing?

Chapter 3: Frugally Fed

Meal Planning
Ideas for Every Meal
Frugal Dinner Recipes
Fridgedly Frugal
Stock Your Pantry
Backyard Garden
Restaurants and Take Out

Chapter 4: Frugal Fun

Celebrations, Holidays and Gift Giving
Affordable Family Fun
Travel Near and Far

Chapter 5: Take Care of Yourself

Dress Your Best For a Whole Lot Less
Fit and Frugal
Curb Your Medical Expenses

Chapter 6:  Cutting Household Costs

Lowering Utility Bills
Clean Up Time
Decorating Deals
Cutting Car Costs

Chapter 7: Fun Freebies and Extra Cash

Surveys for Pay
Mystery Shopping
Freebies and Great Deal Alerts

Chapter 8: Bank It, Share It, Keep It Up!

What to Do With Your Savings
Stewardship and Sharing the Wealth
Keep It Up!



Basic Budget Worksheet
Price Book Template
Smart Spending Resource Directory
About the Author


What Others are Saying About
"The Smart Spending Guide"

"Just a few words to "Thank You" for all the help your
book has given me in saving money, especially in the
area of groceries. I ordered your book in Aug. 08' and
have read it over and over and it has paid off!   I have
to tell you that I am a mom of 3 growing boys (10,14
and 18) and your concepts have helped me keep them
well fed. I also ordered your coupon inserts and have a
notebook that goes with me all the time.  I have passed
my copy of your book onto other friends and have
encouraged them to try it. I received an email from my
closest friend last week in S.C. and she was so excited.
She read your book, clipped her coupons and went
shopping and saved around $60.00.  Your information is
invaluable and I appreciate all the insight and
information you provide, especially in these days of
economic stress! It actually makes grocery shopping
-Trina C. Williams, Rocky Mount,  February 5, 2009

"I'm reading your book and it is WONDERFUL!  It
helps reinforce everything you went over in your
workshop. I'm already thinking that copies of the book
will make some nice Christmas gifts for my nieces who
are just starting out on
their own."
-Lorie Allen, Raleigh, NC  August 2007

"Your book is truly inspiring. If I don't get at least 40%
off my bill, I feel like I have cheated my self. I have cut
our $250/ week spending down to just
at $100/week and we don't eat out as the rule, but as the
exception and don't miss it. WHAT A SAVINGS!! I am
working on getting that $100 down to $60-$70. I know it
will come with time."
-Tonya Richard, Duncan, SC

"You did a fabulous job Faye! There is so much useful
information included in this book!"
-Carole Rhodes, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for doing what you do.  You are an
encouragement to so many.  I finished your book and it
was excellent.  I was so thankful that healthy eating was
a priority in the book and in your family.  I assumed
that many coupons were only for processed foods, and
learned so much from the book."
-Paulette Shilling, Cary, NC

"This book contains hints and guidelines for living a
debt free, FUN-filled life that doesn't make you think
you're sacrificing everything fun known to mankind to
live it. In fact, she helps you discover the joy of living
within your means.  
-Rachael Woodard, The Coupon

"I am1/2 way through the book with lots of "aha that's
how she does it!!" There are creative ways to save that I
never thought of! There are lots of helpful tips in there.
She tells you ways to double dip, when I thought I was
being savvy single dipping!!"
- Laura K, Clayton, NC

"You did an awesome job on the book! Thank you for
-Julie B, Clayton, NC

"Just wanted to let you know that I got my book and
organizer today and am quite pleased, thanks so much
for the coupons!  I have started on the book tonight and
am feeling pretty good about the financial road that we
are about to head down."
-Gina Shires, Willow Springs, NC

"I was at the Clayton Junior Women's Club last night
and we really enjoyed it and will definitely benefit from
your advice.  I bought your book but since my husband
does the grocery shopping I was unsure whether he
would take the coupon book (Smart Spending Coupon
Organizer) to the store.  His reaction was, "Anything to
save money!", so now I urgently need a coupon book!  I
was SO excited to get the sales paper this morning and
start comparing prices and making my grocery list!".
-Darla Aldridge, Clayton, NC

"I have nearly finished your book - lots of great ideas
and advice in there!"
-Dana Schaefer, Garner, NC

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Publication Date: December 2, 2005
Publisher: Magnolia Way Publishing
ISBN: 0-9773436-4-2
Price: $12.99
168 Pages

The First Edition is now
sold out!

I am working on a second
updated edition that will be
available digitally sometime
in 2014!