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Spending Coupon
Organizer Insert Set, click
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below. Each set includes
24 pre-printed tabbed
dividers and 25 coupon
insert pages.

Coupon Insert Set: $16.00
Most couponers find that they
need additional coupon insert
pages as their coupon
inventory grows. To purchase
additional sets of 25 coupon
insert pages, click on the links

25 nine-pocket pages: $6.50

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9-pocket pages

25 four-pocket pages: $6.50

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Kind Words About the
Smart Spending
Organizer Inserts

"I was using the old accordion
kind, you know the one I am
talking about...ripped, torn, and
falling apart!  I could not see
the coupons easily and it was so
full I could not even fit the
elastic around it !  But yours is
WONDERFUL !!!  The coupons
are easily viewed and accessed
in the clear plastic pocket
pages.  And, you can use the
front and back of the pages to
allow for 18 different coupons.  
Thank you so much !"

-Lori Hill, Sandwich, MA

"It holds much more than my
previous accordion-type
organizer and the coupons are
very easy to see.  I also like the
fact that I can expand it further
by simply adding more pages. "

-Krista McGowan, Huntington
Station, NY

"Just would like to take a
moment to thank you for all the
wonderful information you
provide about saving money.
After seeing you on our local
news channel in May I began
working on my couponing (Love
the Binder) and stockpile. To
date I'm now saving about 70%
on groceries every week."

-Barb, Greenville, SC
Shopping at Harris Teeter on
June 22, 2011. Subtotal before
sales and coupons was $85.43

Paid: 85 CENTS!

Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts
Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts
It's Your Money - Spend It Wisely!
The Smart Spending
Coupon Organizer Inserts
are exactly what you need
to get all your coupons
under control.  The inserts
allow you to spend more
time saving and less time
searching for coupons.

The Smart Spending
Coupon Organizer Inserts
fit perfectly in your 3-ring
binder.  Once you place
the inserts into a binder,
you are ready to file
coupons and head to the
store! Your organizer sits
right on the grocery cart,
allowing you to find your
coupons easily and quickly.

Simply flip to the section
of the store you are in, and
pull out the coupons you
need.  Coupon amounts
and expiration dates are
visible, allowing you to
find the coupons you want
faster than ever.

The inserts are easily
expandable as your coupon
inventory increases.
Simply add more coupon
insert pages as needed.

One set of inserts includes
24 professionally printed,
tabbed dividers and 25
nine-pocket coupon insert
Benefits of Using the Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts:

The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts hold thousands of coupons,  far more than
an accordion file or recipe box organizer.

Each coupon and coupon amount is visible, cutting down on the time it takes to find a
couponwhen you are looking over the weekly sales papers and while you are shopping.

There are greater potential savings because expiration dates are easier to see and you are
less likely to let a valuable coupon expire.

Simply flip to the pages for the section of the store you are in (dairy, frozen, etc.) and see all
the coupons you have available for that product type. This is so important if you run into an
unexpected/unadvertised deal. Many of the best finds are unadvertised sales and if you can't
find your coupons when you need them, then you are losing money!

The organizer fits easily on the front part of the cart so you can flip through it while you shop.

The inserts are easily expandable as your coupon inventory increases. Simply add more
coupon pages as needed.

Smart Spending Insert Set Contents:

The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Insert Set includes 24 tabbed sections divided by
product group.  Each professionally printed tabbed divider is labeled with the name of a
product group on it such as baking, beverage, bread, canned goods, dairy.  Each of the 24
labeled sections has one high quality plastic 9 pocket coupon insert page (25 coupon pages
total in each insert set) with easy to access, top load coupon pockets.  Each pocket can hold
up to 20 coupons. You can get even more from your pockets by using them on the front and
back, allowing for 18 different coupons per page.

The Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts
do not include a 3-ring binder. You can
purchase the binder of your choice at most office supply and big box stores. Many people
prefer a zipper binder with rings that are at least a 1 & 1/2 inches.  

Purchase Information:

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Credit cards, electronic checks and Paypal existing funds are accepted.

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Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Smart Spending Coupon Organizer Inserts, you may return
the unused inserts, at your expense, for a refund of the insert cost.  Prior to sending return,
please contact Smart Spending Resources for a Return Authorization.

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